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My Name Is Nobody
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This page was last updated December 16th 2003
A Fistful Of Westerns
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Terence Hill & Henry Fonda
"My Name Is Nobody" on VHS & DVD:
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"My Name Is Nobody" DVD Synopsis 1:
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One of the biggest hits of Sergio Leone's career, My Name Is Nobody brings together two Western icons: Henry Fonda and 70s Italian superstar Terence Hill. Fonda plays ageing gunslinger Jack Beauregard, and nobody is faster than Beauregard - until he meets a man called Nobody (Hill) who has been hired to kill him. However, Beauregard was Nobody's childhood hero, and the wily young gun starts planning a way that Jack can go down in the history books.

Directed by Leone's former assistant director Tonino Valerii, with Leone himself taking charge for certain sequences, My Name Is Nobody takes an ironic and often comic look at many Spaghetti Western conventions and features one of Ennio Morricone's most delightful, playful scores. Watch out for The Wild Bunch, "150 pure bred sons of bitches on horseback"!
Terence Hill & Bud Spencer at Hollywood Teen Movies:
TITLE : My Name Is Nobody
DIRECTOR : Tonino Valerii & Sergio Leone
STARRING : Terence Hill, Henry Fonda, Leo Gordon, Jean Martin, Geoffrey Lewis, R.G. Armstrong, Piero Lulli, Neil Summers, Steve Kanaly.
* Nobody, but "Nobody," knows the trouble he's in !
* That "Trinity" star is about to build a legend in his own good time !
Sergio Leone’s ultimate spaghetti western is lavished with changing landscapes and beautifully choreographed action scenes, including one of the most incredible shootouts in screen history.

Henry Fonda, in the last of his 15 western films, plays Jack Beauregard, the fastest gun still alive. The year is 1899 and the rugged old west frontier is dying. Beauregard knows it. He decides to make his way to Europe and let his American legend fade quietly into the past. As he journeys to the docks of New Orleans, however, he meets a mysterious stranger named Nobody (Terence Hill). The young gunslinger has been hired to kill the retired outlaw, but his admiration for the old man is too great. He lets Beauregard live.

As they travel together, a strange relationship evolves. At times, Nobody seems to revel in his ridicule of Beauregard. At other times, he talks sincerely about helping the aged knight become a hero for the history books.

Finally, Nobody manipulates Beauregard into a blaze-of-glory sawn song, convincing the old man to take on the entire 150 member Wild Bunch single-handedly. This spectacular action sequence is unequaled in film history, with Fonda as a one-man dynamo, gunning down the bad guys and exploding his plans for a quiet retirement in glorious fashion!
"My Name Is Nobody" DVD Synopsis 2:
My Name Is Nobody(1974) VHS
My Name Is Nobody [DVD](1974) DVD
An aging gunfighter (Henry Fonda) wants to hang up his holster, but must contend with a younger man who idolizes him (Terence Hill). Easygoing Western comedy/drama also stars Leo Gordon, R.G. Armstrong. AKA: "Lonesome Gun," "Gunfire." 115 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English mono; theatrical trailer; scene access.

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