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This page was last updated Jan. 5th 2004
Action & Mayhem
Film Facts:
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Terence Hill
& Bud Spencer
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"Odds & Evens"  VHS Synopsis:
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Terence Hill & Bud Spencer at Hollywood Teen Movies:
TITLE : Odds And Evens
DIRECTOR : Sergio Corbucci
STARRING : Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Luciano Catenacci, Marisa Laurito,
Kim McKay, Sal Borgese, Jerry Lester, Woody Woodbury, Carlo Reali, Riccardo Pizzuti, Giancarlo Bastianoni, Enzo Maggio.

TAGLINE : The most unlikely pair ever to take on the mob!, You'll be rolling in the aisles!
Our two super he-men, Terence Hill & Bud Spencer, are back again with their unique brand of flying fists and comedy. Johnny (Terence Hill) is a naval officer who is ordered to clean up the casinos where too many of his naval colleagues are being cheated bu dirty tricks and unfair play. As he know nothing about card games, Johnny calls in help from his half-brother, Charlie (Bud Spencer) who is one of the cutest card sharpers in the States. Together they create a mirthquake by terrorising all the local mafiosi gambling joints and in helping to save the orphanage run by the pretty young nun, Susanna (Marisa Lauripa), with a share of the casino profits. The last card in this side-splitting, all-action FUNtasy is playing onboard the luxury yacht of the Mafia boss, Pirepolis (Luciano Catenecci), who soon finds himself all-at-sea.
"Odds & Evens"  Now on VHS:
Odds And Evens(1978) VHS
With trouble brewing down Miami way, there's only one pair of coppers to call on to stop crime: Terence Hill and Bud Spencer. Time and luck are running out when the two law enforcers put an end to a Mob-run gambling ring. 109 min.

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Terence Hill
Bud Spencer
Odds And Evens VHS
Terence & Bud in Odds & Evens
Terence uses some pool cues in Odds And Evens
Bud & the Nun in Odds and Evens